Dine to your Delight

At Martha’s House, your meals will be much more than just the necessary intake of nutrition. The social atmosphere you will enjoy with your tablemates, our bright and spacious dining room, the variety of choices, and the delightful aroma and presentation of your freshly prepared meal will ensure that your dining experience will be a highlight of your day!

Our menu is on a four week rotation, offering two options for both lunch and supper. Our Always Available Menu, ensures that there is always something for everyone. Our menu rotation changes twice a year (spring and fall). A continental breakfast is available in the dining room from 7:00am to 9:00am daily, with a hot component added every Wednesday.

Our hospitality partner, Aramark, ensures that the menu addresses the needs and wants of many palettes. The rotating menu is designed in conjunction with the residents, overseen by a Red Seal Journeyman Chef, and is approved by a Registered Dietician prior to implementation. Opportunities for new dishes, old favorites, and celebrations are built into the menu.


Join us for lunch and a tour!