Day in the Life

Hello and welcome to Martha’s House


You wake from a sound sleep to sunlight streaming into your bedroom window, greeting you for another wonderful day at Martha’s House. You smile and get out of bed, ready to start your day.

After dressing, you make your way to the community dining room for breakfast and are greeted with several cheerful “good mornings” from staff and other residents. An assortment of breakfast treats await you at the buffet. You help yourself to steaming hot coffee, fresh fruit, and the most delicious freshly baked cinnamon bun. You join several friends at a table for lively conversation. The Martha’s House gardens are a riot of color and you are enticed to take a stroll after breakfast. But first, you head to exercise class. 

 After 45-minutes of stretching and cardio, you grab a nice cold glass of water on your way to the patio, book in hand. You take in all the colours and sunshine, reading and chatting. Time passes swiftly and it is time for lunch! After enjoying a lovely lunch of soup and salad, along with a triple chocolate brownie for dessert, you head back to your suite for a rest. You’re looking forward to the evening because your favorite local entertainer is performing after supper. This will be a wonderful evening dancing and reminiscing. 

You go to sleep that night feeling safe, secure, and satisfied with another pleasant day at your home, Martha’s House. One of the many great things about life at Martha’s House is that it can be as full and lively or as quiet and contemplative as you like. With this thought of gratitude, you close your eyes, anticipating sweet dreams.



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