Cheers To 5 Years, Evanston Summit Family!

October 7, 2021 Evanston Summit

On October 7th, 2021, Evanston Summit celebrated its 5 Year Anniversary. Residents and staff came together to laugh, reminisce, eat, drink, dance, sing and celebrate this very special occasion.

Chef Chris and his team offered the choice between delicious lamb or tender steak, and the scrumptious meal was topped off with the introduction of a new resident favourite dessert — sticky toffee pudding. Laughter filled the room as residents and staff enjoyed the DIY photo booth, smiling and hamming it up with friends both old and new. Entertainment was provided by the talented Silence In B’tween Duo who wowed the gathering with their musical talents and crowd favourites. Staff member and Activity Coordinator, Victoria Slany, spoke of a very special moment listening to the residents sing along to the Elvis Presley classic, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love,” that almost had her in tears it was so moving. A temporary dance floor provided the perfect venue for both couples and for single ladies grabbing their girlfriends to join them as they tripped the light fantastic.

There have been many friendly faces living or working at Evanston Summit since the residence opened five years ago.  Several of the original staff and four of the original residents have had the pleasure of knowing them all, and their participation made the event extra-special.

The celebration was heartfelt, the energy contagious, the laughter infectious and the atmosphere hopeful for all the good times yet to come. Cheers to 5 years, Evanston Summit family!


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